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Turkey Recipes

Anytime Thanksgiving Turkey and Fresh Cranberry Sauce

When you are in the mood to eat roast Thanksgiving turkey but not to prep said turkey, give this easy, practical and mouth-watering entree a try. Turkey tenderloins are super-lean, tasty and very easy to work with. The brining step requires a little pre-planning, but yields incredibly moist and flavorful meat. The cranberry sauce is a fresh, raw relish that requires no cooking at all. Plus it's a million times tastier and more nutrient-rich than the canned glop. Gobble, gobble...

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Buffalo Egg Cups

Looking for a satisfying savory breakfast or snack? Try these buffalo egg cups for a tangy kick and real satisfaction. Make a batch on Sunday and reheat for quick workday meals.

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Cleaned Up Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice makes a delicious side dish. This version is much lighter in calories than the traditional Cajun version, but just as delicious.

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Egg Cups

These are so easy to make as a great morning protein. Kids love ‘em because they come in their own, edible bowl!

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Fresh Deli-Veg Rollups

This is an ultra-light, ultra-fresh sandwich alternative that will prevent the post-lunch snoozies!

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Hoisin Turkey Burgers

These tasty burgers are very lean, but so tasty your family won't notice at all! They are a bit wet when raw, so hold their shape better with baking than grilling. The good news is, baking is easy and they're all done in one quick batch!

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Holiday Turkey

Following is one of my favorite clean food makeovers: The holiday turkey. I skipped the starchy stuffing, made the (free range, not frozen conventional) turkey “sans gravy”, and filled it with a flavor-rich combination of herbs and citrus that produce a juicy and aromatic bird without all the extraneous starch. Traditionally, this type of a whole-bird preparation calls for at least one stick of butter, but this recipe reduces that and mixes it with olive oil, giving you a nice mix of heart-healthy fat and valuable olive phenols. Happy holidays!

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Mushroom Gravy

This rich, tasty gravy is the perfect "Smart fat" accompaniment to Dr. Masley's Roast Turkey. Dairy-free and delicious!

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Paleo Nachos

Nachos hold a special place in our collective American heart, but the GMO corn chips fried in bad fats and the piles of “dirty” conventional cheese are a giant turnoff to anyone interested in eating for good health. The solution? Clean ‘em up with nutrient-rich ingredient swaps that let the wonderful layers of rich, Mexi-flavor shine through. In this version we replace the corn chips with crisp, cool, bite-sized lettuce (super low-cal!). Clean fat-rich olives and extra avocado with sweet and smoky roasted peppers take the place of the oily cheese. And lean, clean ground meat seasoned with pungent spices gives this dish its tasty and satisfying foundation.

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Quick Turkey Bolognese Sauce

This amazing, easy Bolognese sauce makes a great, topper for high-nutrient, low-calorie vegetable “pasta”. Serve it in cold weather over Winter Squash Pasta and in warm weather over Summer Squash Pasta and. The winter squash takes over 30 minutes to cook, so put that on before starting your Bolognese. The summer squash pasta needs no cooking at all, so you can whip that up while the sauce is simmering. And of course, you can use this as a topper for classic whole grain pasta as well, if you’re still into that ;)

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