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Spring Menus

All-Veg Tabbouleh

This elegant tabbouleh is even faster to make than the traditional version, yet it is completely grain-free. Finely processed raw cauliflower makes an extremely low-calorie base for all the rich, minerally, citrusy flavors of this classic Middle Eastern dish. Add in some of the optional extras to make it a full meal.

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Carter’s Crunchy Winter Slaw

My sweet nephew Carter grew up as a guinea pig for the principles I wrote about in my book Great Expectations: Best Food for Your Baby and Toddler. As a result, he has a killer palate and enjoys a very broad range of whole foods. When he was around 4 years old and visiting, I made up this salad and he couldn't get enough of it. When his mom asked him what his favorite thing about the trip was, he said "Auntie Lee's salad!" (That's what all the littles in my family call me.) So he got to name it :)

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Chia Pudding Base

The carb content of chia seed (5 grams per tablespoon) is all fiber: 80% insoluble, but 20% soluble. It’s the soluble fiber that lends the seeds their special magic: When you suspend them in a liquid, they quickly swell and become gelatinous, just like tapioca, but no cooking required

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Cinnamon Spice Granola

We're not generally big granola fans here at Clean Food Central. Too often they're full of processed cereals and WAY too much sugar, neither of which does a body any good at all. So we've been coming up with paleo recipes that are low in carbs, high in protein and fiber - with no added sugars at all!

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Coconut Orange Dreamsicles

In the heat of mid-summer when it’s hard to stay hydrated, ice-cold fruity Popsicles can really hit the spot. Of course, conventional ice pops are little more than artificial dye, poor quality sugars and water, but thankfully it’s very easy to make a clean version at home. As a kid, my favorite frozen treat was a Dreamsicle. That creamy orange-vanilla sweetness never fails to bring me back in time. This high quality Coconut “Dreamsicle” is both dairy and sweetener-free, made from a base of delicious and satisfying coconut milk.

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Cran-Lemon Tuna Salad

This tangy-sweet tuna salad is so delicious you'll be licking the bowl when it's gone! It comes together in mere minutes and makes a great lunch for two or double it for an family evening meal. Loaded with protein and freshness, this is quintessential Simply Clean.

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Easy Lemony Skillet Trout

This bright and tangy dish is a great way to entice family members who aren't normally big fish fans. Don't let the ease of the recipe fool you, this is gourmet eating at home!

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Fresh Artichokes with Herbed Dip

Artichokes are intimidating for some people, but they are actually super-simple to prepare, as you will see. Plus cooked artichoke hearts, placing at number seven overall, are the highest ranking vegetable in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry’s top 100 foods for total antioxidant content, so get eating!

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Fresh Deli-Veg Rollups

This is an ultra-light, ultra-fresh sandwich alternative that will prevent the post-lunch snoozies!

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Frozen Cocoa-Nut Pops

This delicious coconutty chocolate "ice cream" treat is so simple to make and yet so satisfying, with very little sugar. My young nieces and nephews were visiting the week I was testing these and they were a big hit with the kids and grown ups alike. Skip the ice cream "novelty" aisle and whip up a batch of these for summer fun instead ~ just 4 ingredients and a pinch of salt!

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