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Tessamae’s Dressings and Marinades

Tessamae’s Dressings and Marinades

I’m a big proponent of making your own salad dressings and meat marinades, but I know that’s just not convenient all the time. Ninety nine percent of all commercial dressings, marinades and condiments contain very poor quality ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, refined GMO oils, or heaps of sugar and sodium. But there is one company out there making high quality jarred products I feel comfortable recommending: Tessemae’s All Natural. Tessemae’s uses only whole food ingredients, no artificial or synthetic anything. And most of the products are paleo – no dairy, grains or refined sugars. The predominant sweetener is dates, with a little honey from time to time. They offer some oil-free options, such as the Italian dressing and red wine vinaigrette. And there are even two ranch options: regular and southwest style – both of them dairy free! My favorite is the barbecue sauce, because it is so low in sugar and yet tastes great.

Website: Tessamae’s Dressings and Marinades


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