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Primal Pacs

Primal Pacs

If you’re truly eating clean you know how hard it is to find grab-and-go snacks that are both satisfying and meet your high quality and nutrition standards. You can make them, of course, but most homemade snacks either don’t have great portability or are low in protein. Enter the Primal Pac. Primal Pacs are little vacuum sealed pouches of unprocessed beef jerky, dried fruits and tree nuts. The quality is very high. They are made by a small company in Seattle Washington that uses only beef from their own grass-fed and grass-finished cows with no preservatives, just clean spices. The dried fruit is mango and juice-sweetened cranberries, and the nuts are raw almonds and roasted macadamias. You can also buy pacs that just contain the jerky. They come in large and small sizes. Nutrition Facts for the 2.3-ounce small mixed pac are: 120 calories, 7 g fat, 110mg sodium, 7 g carb, 1 g fiber, 5 g sugar and 12 g protein.

The pacs are satisfying, delicious and taste very fresh – not an easy feat for an essentially dried treat! If you need something to carry in your car or purse for those time-pressed moments, Primal Pacs are my number one pick.

Website: Primal Pacs


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