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Liquid Stevia 2

Liquid Stevia 2

For a straight-up liquid stevia without vanilla or other flavorings, this is my new fave. It’s the smoothest I’ve ever tasted, with no bitter aftertaste. Also, they produce it straight from the leaves rather than the refined powder. It’s not as concentrated so you need to use a bit more than than other stevias, but it’s still very small amounts, maybe 3-4 drops per cup of liquid instead of 1-2. From the website:
Omica Organics’ Liquid Stevia™ is an Organic, Zero-Calorie sweetener that is a naturally highly-concentrated direct extract. Created using our proprietary revolutionary TruExtract™ production method, this is an un-reconstituted Stevia Extract (unlike other liquid stevia products that are reconstituted from dehydrated stevia). The result is an aromatic, dynamic sweetness without the bitterness associated with other stevia products.
What makes Omica Organics’ Liquid Stevia extracts unique?
Standard methods for creating stevia liquid extracts consist of reconstituting white stevia powder into liquid, which contributes to the typical bitter aftertaste often attributed to stevia sweeteners. Omica Organics’ methodology is markedly different. Our exclusive, proprietary method produces a direct liquid extract that is not reconstituted, resulting in a bold, highly-concentrated sweetener that retains the exquisite sweetness and vitality of the stevia plant.

Website: Liquid Stevia 2


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