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Lifestyle by Poliquin

Lifestyle by Poliquin

Charles Poliquin is one of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world. He is a cutting edge nutritional innovator and the original founder of the Poliquin Group, an international fitness and strength training company that provides world class education, certifications and supplements for trainers and athletes in over sixty countries across the globe. I am a regular columnist on the Poliquin Group’s new site Lifestyle . There you will find lots of my recipes specifically designed for fitness conscious adults and trainers. I’ve also written multiple articles on related lifestyle topics such as eating behaviors, stress management and forming or breaking habits.

There are many nutritional and fitness training “pearls” to be found on both the Poliquin Group’s main site and Lifestyle. Poliquin himself has designed workouts for Olympic medalists in 17 different sports, world record holders in 10 different sports, and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and UK Premier League. He has lectured or consulted for a variety of high-profile organizations such as the US Secret Service, Walt Disney Corporation and the World Swimming Congress. Poliquin has written 600-plus articles and 10 books. His works have been translated into 12 different languages and his innovative work in strength training is frequently cited in peer-reviewed literature. If Charles, the staff or any of the Poliquin Group experts wrote the article, you can take it to the bank.

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