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Figwee App: The Visual Portion Guide

One of the bonuses of eating clean is that you don’t have to measure every morsel of food you eat. But if you need to reduce calories for a health or fitness goal, it’s very helpful to have a good sense of portion sizes. Most of us tend to underestimate the weight or volume of a specific food. Using a scale can keep you honest, but having an accurate visual guide is quicker and more convenient. A great tool for guesstimating the portion sizes of different foods is an application called Figwee. You can use the website figwee.com for free or buy the app for $1.99. The process is simple: look up the food you want to measure and Figwee provides you with a series of photographs of that food in different increments, i.e. 1 ounce of salmon, 2 ounces, 3 ounces, etc. In the app the amounts are on a simple slider bar and the picture, from 2 different angles, includes a consistent plate, silverware and a glass for proportion. It’s not perfect, but it’s easy and inexpensive to use and includes a wide variety of different entries, from clean, whole foods to the junkier variety.



Medium Chain Triglyceride oil is typically sourced from palm or coconut oil. We recommend the Brain Octane product. Brain Octane is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, and they concentrate it to provide you with the purest energy source possible. Brain Octane rapidly provides mental and physical energy, powering your day by supporting cognitive function and keeping you satisfied and free from food cravings. Add it to your daily routine, and experience the state of high performance. As soon as you consume Brain Octane, it is rapidly absorbed and changed into ketone bodies – providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from sugars or carbohydrates. Brain Octane produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil, and also has potent anti-microbial effects that help support healthy digestion and immune function. Experience the power of using quality fats for fuel, keeping you full and focused for hours. Contains at least 10x the (C8) Caprylic acid (14g) per Tablespoon as in one tablespoon of Coconut oil (1.4g).(+)


Medicinal Mushroom Powders

As medicinal mushrooms become more widely available on the consumer market, Four Sigmatic is our fave for practicality and ease of use with its signature single-use packets of individual mushrooms and healing combinations, including their famous mushroom coffees.


Nutrition Data

Nutritiondata.com is a comprehensive online resource for accurate nutritional information about a broad range of foods. You can get specific nutritional information about individual foods, including nutrient content, glycemic load, inflammation factors and much more. In addition, you can search for foods by nutrient to give you a list of things to eat or avoid if you are trying to boost or reduce your intake of anything from a specific mineral to fiber.


Quest Bars

People who try to watch their carb intake are always on the lookout for a decent grab-and-go protein bar. Because most of the commercial offerings are loaded with either artificial or other poor quality ingredients or have too many sugars (most “all-natural” bars), it’s hard to find a product that makes the grade. The Quest bar is a favorite. They have several different varieties sporting different ingredient profiles, but a few of them are truly excellent. Here are the ingredients for the chocolate peanut butter bar: whey and milk protein isolates, isomalto-oligosaccharides (a natural prebiotic fiber almost identical to chicory root, but without the gastric distress), peanut butter, water, erythritol, cocoa, peanuts, naturals flavors, sea salt, lo han guo and stevia. Lo han guo is an Asian herb that is extremely sweet. Extracts from the plant are two to three hundred times sweeter than sugar with a glycemic load of zero. It’s comparable to stevia. This bar is 160 calories, with 5 grams of fat, 25 of carb (including 17 grams fiber and 5 grams sugar alcohol, so net of 3) and 20 grams of protein. It is satisfyingly dense and chewy and the flavor is great, more like a candy treat than a cardboard protein bar. Like any processed food, Quest bars aren’t perfect, but in a pinch it’s on a par with the best I’ve seen for combined nutrient balance, ingredient quality and taste. Try it and see what you think.


The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen are regularly updated produce lists provided by a high quality consumer watchdog organization called the Environmental Working Group.  These lists give you the most and least pesticide-contaminated vegetables and fruits on the market at any given time. You can get those lists for free here. You can significantly lower your pesticide intake by avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and choosing the least contaminated produce. You can also download a pdf version of EWG's comprehensive annual Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™, which will help you rate the most common produce for relative pesticide content.


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