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Specialty Bottles

If you are committed to clean, chances are you will end up making your own salad dressings, sauces and condiments of various kinds. You might even go to the next level and start making some clean skin and hair care products. One of the essential tools for DIY liquids, sauces and creams is a wide selection of different kinds of bottles and containers.  Specialty Bottle is hands down the best bottle company I have found. They are very reasonable and ship quickly and safely. You do not need a wholesale account to use them and there is no minimum order. You can order a single bottle, if you wish. There's nobody else like them. TIP: You can give the BEST homemade clean food gifts with these bottles!! How about a personalized bottle of clean balsamic vinaigrette or killer BBQ sauce?


Totally Non-Stick Baking Cups

When you make a lot of “alternative” muffins, like savory egg “cupcakes”, or coconut or almond flour muffins, you will find that those non-grain muffins tend to stick like the dickens to your muffin pan. I’ve tried oiling and greasing with various fats. I’ve tried using regular, paper and foil muffin liners. I’ve even tried the silicon liners. There’s only one thing that releases your muffin every time, no matter how “sticky” the ingredients: parchment baking cups. You can actually make your own out of regular parchment paper, but I find that too labor intensive. You can also buy fancy tall parchment liners, sometimes called lotus liners or tulip baking cups, but they are quite expensive. The best product for a clean food cook is a traditional-style muffin tin liner made out of parchment paper. I like the ones by PaperChef because they come in all sizes – mini-muffin, regular and extra-large. They cost a little more than regular liners, but they’re well worth it. You’ll never have to leave half your gluten-free or egg muffin stuck to the paper again.


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