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Zucchini Meatza

It was inevitable that paleo fans would eventually make a full-meat pizza “crust” and when they did, the grain-free, low-carb “meatza” was born. I’ve tried these in a few different ways, and my personal preference is to cut leaner ground beef with ground chicken or turkey for the base. It’s plenty rich enough without swimming in extra oil from ground pork or double beef. You can use fresh minced onion and garlic to flavor, but I prefer the ease and smoother quality of the dried ground powders –to me the overall taste impact really says “pizzeria”.

Though it’s not the same as conventional pizza, meatza still a big crowd-pleaser. It tastes like the love-child of a pizza and a burger – what’s not to like? And nutritionally, unlike classic pizza, if you choose high quality ingredients (like pastured meats) you can make it a super-clean meal. As with all pizza, get the crust right and you can top it with almost anything, but I recommend a pile of veggies. This version calls for spiralized zucchini, which is kind of like having “pasta” on top of a giant meatball – delish! If you eat dairy, choose a high quality pastured or raw, organic cheese to top things off and have a party in your mouth. Otherwise, just finish with plenty of fresh, potent herbs and enjoy!

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