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Spicy Citrus Salt for Grilled Meats and Fish

Protein-conscious eaters tend to enjoy barbecue year-round, but in the warm weather (when you don’t want to heat your house up by running the oven) the grill often becomes a dinner mainstay. Though high quality grilled meats and seafood are delicious prepared very simply, they can get a little monotonous. Marinades and rubs help with variety, but need some advanced planning. This spicy salt, on the other hand, comes together in just a few minutes and can be prepared while the meat is cooking. You can adjust the flavors to your liking by adding more zest for more citrus flavor (but don’t go crazy or your salt will have a bitter edge), or more or less chili for heat (see chef notes below). Try it sprinkled sparingly over freshly grilled steaks, chicken, fish or scallops for a zippy salty snap that will turn your plain protein into something special.

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