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Speedy Fajitas

If you use a tender cut of meat, like tenderloin, sirloin or even top round, there’s no need to marinate your fajitas ahead of time, which means you can get this tasty dish on the table in minutes. You can whip up a quick Mexican herb and spice combo with things you already have in your spice rack. Or, to save even more time, use a high quality premade fajita seasoning pack instead. Simply Organic Fajita Seasonings is a decent choice. You can slice your own onions and peppers or use precut versions form the market, fresh or frozen. You can even cook the meat and veggies together if your diners are banging their forks on the table, but the meat will sear better if you cook it first, without the moisture from the veg. Douse everything with splashes of fresh lime juice and tamari sauce at the end of cook time to give your fajitas a touch of that long-marinated flavor.

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