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SoCal Guac Burger

This juicy grass-fed burger with it’s guac-and-tomato topping was inspired by my travels in southern California. As compared with conventionally farmed beef, grass fed beef is leaner, lower in calories, and higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, thiamin and riboflavin (B vitamins), omega-3 fatty acids, and CLA (a potential cancer fighter). As an added bonus, most grass fed cows are raised without the use of growth hormones or feed-added antibiotics. It also tastes killer-bee! I dswap out the more traditional cheese slice for the fabulous guac. The burger itself is spiced very simply to highlight the rich, fresh flavor the grass fed beef. To reduce the carb content, swap out the typical doughy white hamburger buns in favor of whole grain sandwich thins. While smaller and higher in fiber than the white buns, your family will still feel like they’re getting a “real” burger.

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