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Simple Skillet Meals

Simply Clean “skillet meals” are a practical way to put together a full veg-and-meat meal for 1-4 people in a single pan. It’s possible to make skillet meals night after night because you have a nearly endless variety of produce, protein and spice combinations to choose from. The basic practice is to sauté your meats, such as chicken tenders or ground bison, simply seasoned, and then transfer them to a plate for a few minutes. Then use the meat oils to sauté a collection of vegetables, and then top the veggies with a few handfuls of greens to wilt, right at the end. Add the meat back to the pan to rewarm briefly, season to taste (try hot sauce, gluten-free tamari or homemade salad dressing) and serve. It works best if your vegetables are cut to a roughly uniform shape – smaller pieces will cook faster than larger ones. Dense starchy vegetables like carrots, yams or beets can be shredded for a much quicker cook time.  If you are using a quick-cooking protein like shrimp or eggs, you can start with the vegetable sauté, add the protein right to the veggies, add the greens, season and eat. Try the following recipe to get you started.

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