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Rack of Lean Lamb with Herbs and Roasted Shallots

Lamb is one of the healthier conventional meats you can buy. Because it’s young (under a year old by definition) the animal hasn’t had too much time to accumulate toxins. And most lamb is not “factory farmed” but raised on pasture, so added antibiotics, steroids and hormones aren’t the problem they are with factory farmed beef. (And if you really want the best, it’s possible to get grass-fed New Zealand lamb at many grocery stores or butchers.) Lamb is high in protein, relatively low in fat, and contains zinc, niacin, selenium, vitamin B3 and all 8 essential amino acids. The Frenching process removes the layer of heavy fat leaving the exposed lean and tasty chops. To bump up the flavors even more, we marinate—overnight, if you can- with a fabulous mix of mint, rosemary and thyme, all of which really pop the flavor of the already tender meat. Serve it with creamy roasted shallots on the side- it’s comfort food at it’s best! Fun fact: marinating with herbs like rosemary before cooking or grilling significantly reduces heterocyclic amines, a potential carcinogen (cancer-causing compound), according to research by J. Scott Smith, PhD, at Kansas State University.

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