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Peppercorn Steak

Rib-eye steaks are fantastic on the grill and the sweet, tender flesh pairs beautifully with the pungent spice of crushed peppercorns. You can mix and match different types of peppercorns, including green, white or even Szechuan for peppercorn steak, but this recipe combines the classic crunchy black with the milder, softer red. These rib-eyes don’t need an extra sauce, but if you have the time, topping them with a dab of the mustard butter will provide an elegant presentation and more depth of flavor. Porterhouse is another cut that lends itself well to a hardy peppercorn crust –just remember to choose grass-fed for all of your beef. Combine these steaks with a cooling side – a large green salad with crispy lettuce, a citrus or balsamic dressing and a few handfuls of fresh sliced strawberries or sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes would be perfect.

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