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Paleo Nachos

Nachos hold a special place in our collective American heart, but the GMO corn chips fried in bad fats and the piles of “dirty” conventional cheese are a giant turnoff to anyone interested in eating for good health. The solution? Clean ‘em up with nutrient-rich ingredient swaps that let the wonderful layers of rich, Mexi-flavor shine through. In this version we replace the corn chips with crisp, cool, bite-sized lettuce (super low-cal!). Clean fat-rich olives and extra avocado with sweet and smoky roasted peppers take the place of the oily cheese. And lean, clean ground meat seasoned with pungent spices gives this dish its tasty and satisfying foundation. If you’d like to add a bit more heft to your nachos, add half a can of warmed, prepared organic refried beans or plain back beans. (Beans aren’t paleo, but they are very nutrient-rich — half high-fiber carb and half protein, very low glycemic load.) You can also add a sprinkling of toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) for a little crunch. A simple blend of avocado, spicy salsa and lime juice creates a creamy topping that tastes decadent, but leaves you feeling great after your plate is empty.

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