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Orange Yam Pie

This rich, fragrant pie is not only dense and satisfying, but also quite high in fiber and protein and completely gluten-free. Most of the sweetness comes from the yams themselves rather than actual sweeteners, so choose your taters wisely. Despite their name, garnet yams are actually a variety of sweet potato rather than a true yam. They are more cylindrical in shape than traditional sweet potatoes, tapering to points on the ends, with smooth, pale orange skins and dark orange flesh. They are so sweet and creamy that they need very little additional sweetness to transform them from a savory dish to a dessert. The orange juice and touch of vanilla stevia in this recipe are perfect complements to the garnet’s natural flavor. Though you can find them year-round, their peak growing season is fall through winter.

TIP: If your holiday table is grain-free, this dessert can be served as part of the meal to help your diners hit that key satiety point.

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