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Iced Green Tea Limeade

My good friend Dr. Jonny Bowden says “Every time I’m asked by a magazine editor to come up with “ten top tips” for living longer, I put this tip on the list: Drink green tea every day!” It’s loaded with catechins and phenols, which have been found to protect the heart and brain and extend life, not to mention help protect against cancer (a nice little “side effect” of this heart healthy drink). Plus—drum roll, now—it tastes great! Lightly sweetened and bright with that hint of lime, it’s incredibly refreshing on a hot summer afternoon!

Ginger has been considered a healing food by many cultures for thousands of years. It gently alleviates and soothes many digestive disorders, including gas and nausea. My husband and I are sailors and it’s been used by sea people throughout the ages as one of the most effective (and safest!) remedies for motion sickness available.

After a swim at the beach in the blistering summer heat, a tall glass of iced tea hits the spot like nothing else. This citrusy green-tea version will beat any of those pre-made concoctions in bottles or cans for both taste and health benefits.

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