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Grilled Lemon Basil Chicken and Balsamic Peaches

Grilling peaches gives them a wonderful soft smoky sweetness that’s hard to define. Here they are paired with chicken breasts marinated in a complementary dressing of lemon, mustard and fresh basil to transform the simple ingredients into a gourmet entrée. The longer you marinate the chicken the stronger the flavor will be, but lemon juice is acidic enough to break down the muscle fibers if left on too long, so it’s best to prepare the chicken to marinate in the morning rather than the night before. Feel free to add more peaches or double the whole recipe for tasty leftovers throughout the week. Leftover chilled grilled peaches can be added to salads or chopped into a light salsa for beef, pork, fish or turkey. If you eat dairy, try adding a small dollop of pastured chevre into the center of each peach before drizzling with the balsamic for a decadent richness that will make you swoon.


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