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Coffee-Free Power Latte – 3 Ways

So the weather’s just starting to cool off and, in my neighborhood anyway, the sniffles have already begun.  The fall/winter seasonal transitions can bring on allergy issues, colds and pesky new bugs. Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I love the ritual of a hot am cuppa when the weather is chilly. And we have so many specialty power-foods available to us now that “coffee hour” can become an opportunity to inject a pleasurable shot of preventive nutrition or an energy pick-me-up that won’t pull-ya-down a few hours later 🙂

The basic concept is to heat a cup of tea or nut milk and blend it with spices, pungents, superfoods, a bit of sweetener and a little shot of good fat like pastured ghee or MCT oil to give it staying power and assist with nutrient absorption. If the hot latte is acting as breakfast, it’s good to also add some form of protein, like soaked nuts/seeds or protein powder.

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