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Coconut Orange Dreamsicles

In the heat of mid-summer when it’s hard to stay hydrated, ice-cold fruity Popsicles can really hit the spot. Of course, conventional ice pops are little more than artificial dye, poor quality sugars and water, but thankfully it’s very easy to make a clean version at home. As a kid, my favorite frozen treat was a Dreamsicle. That creamy orange-vanilla sweetness never fails to bring me back in time. This high quality Coconut “Dreamsicle” is both dairy and sweetener-free, made from a base of delicious and satisfying coconut milk. The healthy fats in the coconut will help slow the release of the natural sugars from the orange into the bloodstream, making this a very reasonable treat for both young and old.

Two tips for iced raw desserts: freezing reduces the perception of sweetness in a dish, and adding a tiny pinch of salt will increase the sweetness level. Because of this, ice pops can taste less sweet than their unfrozen mix, but adding that little bit of salt will help, and also gently boost the flavors of both the orange and the vanilla. If your palate is pretty clean, you will enjoy these refreshing Dreamsicles with no added sweeteners, but feel free to boost them with a little orange concentrate or vanilla stevia if desired.

As always, enjoy – guilt-free!

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