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Gingered Carrot Apple Dressing

As we move into slightly warmer evenings salad is starting to appeal as an entrée. Use cold leftover meat or seafood (or grill up same) for a quick protein centerpiece, and then load up on a variety of fresh, multicolored veggies. You can use an ethnic theme to guide you in assembling your ingredients – try sliced grilled steak, corn, tomatoes, diced peppers and thinned guacamole to dress for a Tex-Mex meal. Or you can make a terrific fresh dressing and build your salad around that. This easy, flavorful Gingered Carrot Apple Dressing has a base of raw fruit and vegetables so it does double-produce duty. Try it tonight over chopped Romaine lettuce with sliced grilled chicken, fresh cilantro, red grapes, and toasted cashews –yum!

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