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Oven Gloves

Oven Gloves

When you do a lot of grilling and roasting you really need excellent oven mitts. Most mitts and hot pads at chain stores like Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond are made of various combinations of cotton, canvas and rubber and don’t withstand high temps very well. Silicone mitts provide an excellent heat barrier, but they are stiff and unwieldy, making it difficult to grab things like lids and handles. The best oven gloves are built to withstand high temps, but also relatively form fitting and easier to manipulate. My favorite choice is by Dupont and it’s called the “G & F 1684 Nomex and Kevlar Heat Resistant Fiber Exclusive Classic Oven Glove”. They are built to withstand temperatures up to 480°F, and yet they are soft and flexible. The outside is layered with heat resistant nomax and kevlar, and the inside is soft cotton. The palm and fingers are lined with silicon strips to provide a nonstick grip.

How to use it

Simply slide it over your hand(s) before reaching in to the oven to remove a hot pot.



  • They are washable in the machine, so no need to worry about small spills or drips.

Where to find it

They are sold individually and run about $15 apiece. You can find them at good culinary stores, Home Depot or on Amazon. For a little more money (about $48 per pair) you can find a very similar product in the Ove’ Glove Hot Surface Handler.


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