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Best Popsicle Molds – Tovolo

There are very few frozen popsicle-style treats that aren’t full of either sugars or artificial ingredients. The best option for cooling refreshment in the heat of summer is to make your own. All you really need to make a wide variety of clean fruit/nut-cream/chocolate treats is a few high quality ingredients and a good set […]

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Ecolution Nonstick Cookware

It’s well known that Teflon is not a safe cooking product, but non-stick cookware is a godsend when you are preparing foods without oils or foods that tend to stick to your pans. There are a few safe non-stick products around, and Clean Food central rates the Ecolution lines highest for safety, environmental consciousness, quality, […]

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Immersion Blender

The handheld or immersion blender is a very handy tool for quickly blending small-batch condiments such as raw sauces or salad dressings. While it can’t handle hard ingredients like ice or nuts, it works fine for small amounts of softer ingredients such as seeds, ginger root, garlic, cooked beans or roasted red peppers. It is […]

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