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Asian Carrot Ginger Dressing

This fresh, oil-free dressing comes very close to the sweet, pungent ginger dressing you find on many green salads in Asian restaurants. Try it over Asian greens like thinly sliced Nappa cabbage or baby bok choy with mung bean sprouts and daikon radish.

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Broccolini Pesto

Broccolini has all the nutritional benefits of the high-powered crucifers, but it is sweeter and slightly more tender than broccoli - perfect for raw preparations like this loaded pesto.

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Gingered Carrot Apple Dressing

This easy, flavorful Gingered Carrot Apple Dressing has a base of raw fruit and vegetables so it does double-produce duty over a veggie salad.

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Orange Teriyaki Sauce

This sweet and tangy sauce is reminiscent of the sweet and sour sauce on Chinese take-out, but much brighter, lighter, with just a fraction of the sugars, and none of the additives. Use it to dress up plain proteins ~ it makes an excellent "leftover helper". I love it served over grilled chicken or fish, or baked tofu or tempeh for vegetarian options. Add steamed broccoli, toasted cashews and good sprinkle of chapped cilantro for next-level Chinese "take-out!

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