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Breakfast Faves

No-Flour Crepes

Crepes are a culinary delight you don’t have to forego even if you’ve given up all flours and grains. These lovely paleo crepes are light, delicious, versatile and super-quick to make.

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Nut ‘n Berry Baked Oatmeal

This baked breakfast is a warm, sweet, crunchy and earthy crowd-pleaser. There are 4 distinct layers that provide a serving of fruits, egg, whole grains and nuts in one bowl. It makes a wonderful dish to share on a cozy holiday morning.

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Oatmeal Pancakes

These easy pancakes are both light and satisfying. Made with low-carb coconut flour and a small amount of oats, they have some staying power, but with both eggs and protein powder they actually make a protein-dominant meal, pretty unusual for a short stack!

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PB&J Fridge Oatmeal

This no-cook oatmeal is really more like a muesli in texture, but it really satisfies. Just blend your protein-rich milk together after dinner, add your oats and mix-ins, and in the morning you have a hearty, tasty ready-made breakfast ~ voila!

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Portobello Benedict with Sundried Tomato Pesto

I don’t know about you, but I love Sunday brunch. Many classic brunch dishes are way too high in carbs and or calories to qualify as “clean fare”, however. If you love eggs Benedict, but don’t love what starchy English muffins and heavy Hollandaise do to your physique, try this version instead. This Benedict eschews puddles of classic Hollandaise in favor of a touch of fresh, raw pesto.

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Post-Holiday Smoothie #1: Calming, Ultra-Green Smoothie

Did you have a lot of pie this holiday?? :) Try this Calming Ultra-Green Smoothie to sooth your system and nip any reactive cravings in the bud.

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Post-Holiday Smoothie #2: Stabilizing Fruit ‘N Nuts

Overindulged? Use this Dr. Hyman-inspired smoothie to help nip sugar cravings in the bud. The high fiber and fat content are very satisfying while the low-sugar fruits help to ease your blood sugar back into a reasonable range.

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Raspberry Lime Basil Dream

There are many different varieties of basil and each has distinctive health properties. All of them have traditionally been used to promote digestive health. Common garden basil also helps protect against fatty acid oxidation. And sweet basil has been shown to reduce blood pressure in animal studies. Enjoy it in a new way in this bright and tangy smoothie.

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Savory Lentil Oatmeal

Oatmeal makes a a tasty, hearty breakfast, but did you know savory preparations can be as delicious and satisfying as sweet? Plus this unique recipe has the added benefit of extra protein and fiber, especially good if you struggle with any type of blood sugar imbalance. Try having Savory Lentil Oatmeal on a Sunday and warming up the leftovers for a couple of quick and satisfying work day breakfasts, too!

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Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie

This spicy, creamy concoction makes a luscious breakfast or pick me up afternoon snack on a chill day. You can use fresh raw, fresh cooked or canned organic pumpkin. Choose the fresh ginger option for more eye-opening pop.

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