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Breakfast Faves

Creamy Berry Oatmeal

This oatmeal tastes so rich and satisfying! The trick is to add an egg to the almond milk for extra creamy goodness and protein.

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Creamy Chocolate Cake Batter Smoothie

When you were a kid did your mom ever let you lick the beaters when she was making a cake? Heaven! This smoothie captures all that tasty goodness but with none of the sugar issues.

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Easy Bacon, Veg & Egg-Stuffed Peppers

This delicious dish looks fancy, but is very easy to make. It works well as a light and tasty dinner or a lovely weekend brunch. The flavors are rich - sweet and mildly smoky – but other than the bacon, the meal is low in calories, especially if you use egg whites instead of whole eggs. Because it’s essentially veggies stuffed in veggies, it’s also a double serving in one dish – another example of “layering” to meet your daily rainbow quota.

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Egg Cups

These are so easy to make as a great morning protein. Kids love ‘em because they come in their own, edible bowl!

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Egg-Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes

These warm and roasty tomatoes make a great low-carb breakfast or brunch. Using the tomato as an edible "bowl" adds a serving of veggies to your eggs. Feel free to customize the herbs and spices in the eggs to change things up. This works well as a light meal or snack any time of day.

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Fruited Fall Flaxjax

This satisfying, single-serving pancake uses egg and flax as the binder for a base of cooked pumpkin or shredded apple - no grains or flour in sight.

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Green Peppermint Patty

Peppermint has been used as a tummy-tamer since ancient times for mild stomach upset, but recent research indicates that peppermint is a digestive heavy-hitter, acting directly through a targeted anti-pain channel in the GI tract to soothe the discomfort and flare-ups of IBS.

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High Protein Baked Chocolate Oatmeal

This amazing cocoatmeal is very high in protein and reasonably low in fat and calories. The chocolate melts into rich hot pockets of yumminess and the whole dish satisfies as a decadent breakfast or anytime sweet mini-meal. It's a bit of fuss for 1 serving, but so worth it when you need a guilt-free chocolate fix - double or triple it up for easy extras! Especially great on chilly winter mornings :)

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High Protein Blender Pancakes for the Fam

These pancakes come together quickly and easily in the blender, which then doubles as a pouring dish to cook them. With 2 cups of high-protein ingredients and 1 cup of fiber-rich oats, they make a filling meal without weighing you down. My family says they pass as "regular" pancakes, lol. Enjoy!

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Light and Creamy Choc-Orange Smoothie

Even though it's creamy and chocolaty, this tasty treat can work as a mini-meal because the sugar content is relatively low and the protein powder and fiber and fats from the avocado give it a bit of staying power.

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