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Eat Your Veggies

Everybody and their brother knows you’re supposed to eat lots of vegetables. Veggies are nutrient powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants – all crucial to health and vibrancy. Eating lots of them (at least 5 cups a day) dramatically reduces your risk of chronic disease.

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Fire Cider

One of my favorite folk remedies for fighting off colds in the early stages and boosting immunity in the cold weather season is fire cider. Though it originated in this country over a century ago, it is still a helpful remedy in modern times.

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Macronutrient Mix & Match Chart: Women’s Fat Loss

This chart is a bit different. It provides you with a basic meal-builder based on macronutrients: protein, fat and carbs, as a general guide for women's fat loss. The first 3 columns give you the meal fundamentals while the last column of "control carbs", gives you options from low-to-mid glycemic load. Consider this a gentle, non-diet way to reduce excess body fat.

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Simply Clean Mix-and-Match-A-Meal Chart

Use this chart as a way to combine foods for optimal Simply Clean main and mini meals based on protein, produce, fiber, fat and the P vitamins.

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Simply Clean System Guidelines – Start Here

The heart of the success of the Simply Clean system is consistency. You will streamline delicious clean eating into something you can do with a minimum of thought and prep every single day. In just a couple of weeks, eating clean will feel easy and automatic. When Simply Clean eating becomes second nature for you, your weight will normalize and your energy will crank up a notch. And Clean Food Central will provide you with all the tools you need along the way.

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Wildcrafting Edible Weeds

In warm seasons you can find dandelion greens and chive blossoms in the natural food stores and even some supermarket chains, but it’s cheap and easy to wild craft your own right from your own yard.

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