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10 Good Reasons to Chew Your Food

Because most of us don’t. Most of us eat like snakes, breaking down our bites just enough so they’ll fit down our throats before swallowing. The average number of times Americans chew each bite is 5-7. This may work fine for pudding, but it’s not great for something with any fiber in it, like broccoli. The act of thoroughly chewing your food is a powerful and often overlooked key to greater health, both physical and mental.

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COACH NOTES: 5 Effective Eating Strategies for a Post-Holiday System Reboot

Okay, the party’s over, tinsel’s all picked out of the carpet and it’s time to get serious about eating clean again. If you ate indulgently over the holidays, you are probably feeling the effects… a slight muzziness in your thinking, morning bloat, won’t-quit cravings… you know what I’m talking about. The good news is that if your eating baseline is healthy it won’t take much time to banish those belly blues and get you right back on track. Try any or all of these five simple tips to calm your cravings, restore digestive harmony and lean you out to pre-holiday hotness. Practice each strategy for a minimum of three days and until you feel your system returning to its former glory.

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Eat Your Veggies

Everybody and their brother knows you’re supposed to eat lots of vegetables. Veggies are nutrient powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants – all crucial to health and vibrancy. Eating lots of them (at least 5 cups a day) dramatically reduces your risk of chronic disease.

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Fire Cider

One of my favorite folk remedies for fighting off colds in the early stages and boosting immunity in the cold weather season is fire cider. Though it originated in this country over a century ago, it is still a helpful remedy in modern times.

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Helpful Habits for Healthy Fat Loss: The Slow Road

Time and again research and experience bears out this fundamental truth: Lasting transformation is a series of small, cumulative steps over time. 95% of the time, diets and weight loss plans for quick fat loss are not sustainable over the long haul. If you can let go of the fantasy notion of overnight transformation, consider making slow steady changes to your daily habits.

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Homemade Yogurt

The conflict rages on about the positive benefits versus negative consequences of consuming dairy products, but everyone agrees that clean, fermented dairy is the most digestible form. With yogurt, the live cultures also help to repopulate the human gut with beneficial probiotics, a positive for everyone who wants a smoothrunning digestive system. Learn how to make your own easily at home.

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