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10-Minute Crudités Dinner

Nothing planned for dinner? It’s SO easy to make a crudités platter with whatever raw veggies you have on hand! At least once a week my family has crudités with a basic, usually leftover, protein. This meal is simple, but it is powerfully healthy and can be quite delicious, too. Especially if you keep a few fresh herbs

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3 Quick and Easy No-Cook Sauces

Tasty, nutrient-packed sauces are one of the key components of clean eating. You can easily mix and match simply prepared proteins such as chicken, eggs, meats, seafood and even beans with seasonal vegetables and a little fat for a quick and healthy meal. But that gets pretty boring without some kind of tasty seasoning. Learning how to whip up an easy sauce will keep your palate (and your family!) much happier about eating clean.

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5-Minute Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

Following are some ultra-quick, grain-free, non-smoothie breakfast ideas that you can put together in just a few of those precious early morning minutes.

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Basic Bone Broth

Homemade broth made from the bones or shells of clean animals is a deeply nourishing staple that can be used as the base for endless varieties of soups and stews. It’s quite easy to make and tastier and less expensive than the prepared broths you buy in the supermarket.

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Basic Smoothie Formula

A smoothie makes a quick and easy balanced meal or mini-meal on the go. Smoothies are also a good vehicle for taking in specific nutrients you might need, like extra protein, fat, fiber or even leafy green veggies. The formula for the perfect smoothie will depend on your nutrient goals of the moment. Use the guidelines below as inspiration for making endless, interesting smoothies for all 4 seasons of the year.

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Batch Freezing

At least once per week plan to double or triple an easy entrée recipe for batch freezing. Great options include soups, stews, chilies, casseroles, enchiladas and lasagna. Eat 1, freeze 1-2. Within a month you will have a stock of homemade frozen dinners you can integrate into your weekly menus to save yourself a night of cooking every week.

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Cooking Fish En Papillote

En papillote is a French culinary technique for cooking individual servings of food inside of packets of tightly folded parchment paper. Cooking en papillote allows food to gently steam inside of a sealed environment, thus concentrating the flavors and containing the odors – perfect for fish.

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Gluten-Free Liquor

Many common forms of alcohol are made from grains, and most of the grains used for alcohol production contain gluten. If you are avoiding gluten in your diet, you will be completely safe with wine/beer/spirits that have been fermented and/or distilled from gluten-free ingredients, such as corn, potatoes, grapes, honey, rice and sorghum.

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Grain-Free Wrap, Bread or Roll Substitutes

When Americans think lunch, they often think “sandwich”. Here at Clean Food Central we try to inspire you to think beyond two pieces of flabby bread, cold cuts and cheese. As bread is high in starch with a high glycemic load and pretty low nutrient density, we encourage you to swap out your toast and wraps for something a littlemore creative with a lot more nutritional bang for your buck.

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Most store-bought mayo, even the all-natural stuff, has a base of refined, GMO soybean oil – yuck! But it’s not too difficult to make clean mayonnaise at home and the flavor is wonderful.

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