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3 Quick and Easy No-Cook Sauces

Tasty, nutrient-packed sauces are one of the key components of clean eating. You can easily mix and match simply prepared proteins such as chicken, eggs, meats, seafood and even beans with seasonal vegetables and a little fat for a quick and healthy meal. But that gets pretty boring without some kind of tasty seasoning. Learning how to whip up an easy sauce will keep your palate (and your family!) much happier about eating clean.

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5-Minute Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

Following are some ultra-quick, grain-free, non-smoothie breakfast ideas that you can put together in just a few of those precious early morning minutes.

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Grain-Free Wrap, Bread or Roll Substitutes

When Americans think lunch, they often think “sandwich”. Here at Clean Food Central we try to inspire you to think beyond two pieces of flabby bread, cold cuts and cheese. As bread is high in starch with a high glycemic load and pretty low nutrient density, we encourage you to swap out your toast and wraps for something a littlemore creative with a lot more nutritional bang for your buck.

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Quick Cooking Conversions

Sometimes you need to quickly convert different units or measurements from one to another when cooking. Keep this chart handy to help you in a pinch. The food equivalencies are approximate.

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Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Everyone has a favorite comfort food and unless you’re working toward an extreme fitness goal, there should be occasional opportunities for indulgence in the average diet. But comfort foods don’t have to be nutritional nightmares to provide the pleasure and familiarity we’re looking for. Following are ten easy ways to improve the nutritional impact of popular comfort foods while preserving the flavor and texture qualities we love.

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Veg “Pasta” Options

Everyone loves pasta, but many people don’t tolerate either the carb-load or the gluten in classic flour-based pastas particularly well. By substituting fresh produce (naturally gluten-free) for flour-based pasta, you are not only dropping a ton of starch and calories, but also adding a variety of important phytonutrients.

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Veg “Rice” Options

White rice is essentially filler for the belly. It’s pretty much all starch that converts very quickly into sugar in your bloodstream, with very little nutritional value. It has no place in a clean diet. While whole grain rice has more fiber and nutrients than its refined counterpart, unless you need a dense carb and can handle the inflammatory factor, it’s still not a great option.

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