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Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom
Delicious recipes with a low-to-no total sugar content

The 28-day Sweet Freedom Reboot program helps you gently break your addictive relationship with sugar so your whole bodymind system has the chance to recalibrate from sugar's many detrimental effects on your health, mood, energy and even your looks.

The Sweet Freedom badge will alert you to all the dishes in Clean Food Central which provide terrific nourishment WITHOUT the addition of extra, unnecessary sugars.

The Sweet Freedom recipes are excellent choices if you are:

  • Watching your weight
  • Pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • Trying to calm your sugar cravings
  • Wanting to get off sugar
  • Trying to improve a skin issue, particularly acne, PMS breakouts, or premature wrinkling
  • Trying to improve the health of your teeth
  • Concerned about cancer / prevention

Enjoy this selection of dishes as a way to enhance sweet living without the sugar.

Winter Squash Pasta

Craving a pasta dish but don't want all the calories, carbs or flour? Try baking up ultra-low-cal winter squash for a warm and satisfying swap under your favorite pasta sauces.

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Zesty Pesto Shrimp Stir Fry

This is one of my all-time favorite recipes. The combination of toothiness and crunch makes it very satisfying to eat and the flavors work beautifully together, completely eliminating any “fishiness factor” from the shrimp. Though veggies and shrimp are lean and low-cal, the oil and nuts in the pesto give this light, one-pot meal real staying power.

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Zucchini Meatza

It was inevitable that paleo fans would eventually make a full-meat pizza “crust” and when they did, the grain-free, low-carb “meatza” was born. I’ve tried these in a few different ways, and my personal preference is to cut leaner ground beef with ground chicken or turkey for the base. It’s plenty rich enough without swimming in extra oil from ground pork or double beef. You can use fresh minced onion and garlic to flavor, but I prefer the ease and smoother quality of the dried ground powders –to me the overall taste impact really says “pizzeria”.

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