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Simply Clean


The fastest, easiest way to eat clean for higher energy and lower weight

Simply Clean is Clean Food Central’s introductory eating system. We’ve created the easiest possible way for you to eat clean with consistency. When Simply Clean eating becomes second nature for you, your weight will normalize and your energy will crank up a notch. You’ll find all the recipes and tools you need for support inside Clean Food Central.

1. THE CONSISTENCY SYSTEM: Familiarity and Simplicity10/10

The 2 main cornerstones of consistent eating habits are familiarity and consistency.

  • Familiarity – The most familiar foods are the easiest to eat in a consistent way. Research tells us that we also absorb the most nutrients from the foods we enjoy the most. Simply Clean is built on tasty, cleaned-up versions of all kinds of “regular foods”, the types of dishes you probably grew up with that help you feel at home in the kitchen.
  • Simplicity10/10 – All you need to remember for the Simply Clean eating system is 10/10: under ten ingredients in under ten minutes of prep time – easy!
    *Note: Sometimes cooking time takes longer than 10 minutes, but you’ll spend no longer than that, and often only 5 minutes, on hands-on prep.

2. THE RECIPES: Clean Food Main and Mini Meals: Protein, Produce, Fiber, Fat and Vitamin P

Simply Clean provides ideas and recipes for just 2 types of dishes which will make up the core of your daily food, Main Meals and Mini Meals.

  • Mains are based on protein, produce, fiber and fat - 3 per day.
  • Minis (snacks) are smaller, lower in calories, and are based on at least 2 of the 4 core elements of protein, produce, fiber and fat - 1 or 2 per day whenever you need them to keep your appetite/cravings in balance.

Simply Clean is not based on any special diet, but is made up of seasonal, whole foods with minimal sugars, starches and processed foods. (No artificial anything – sorry, but that’s not food.) See the Simply Clean Mix-and-Match-a-Meal Chart to help you effortlessly build your own meals around protein, produce, fiber and fat.

The last 2 vital nutrients in the Simply Clean system are the P vitamins: Pleasure and Presence. Choosing to be present to your eating and take pleasure in your meals transforms clean eating from a chore into something that adds richness to your life. The simple acts of being more mindful of your eating, of chewing each bite and savoring the flavors, will also automatically adjust your portion size to exactly what you need at each meal, and radically improve your digestion, and thus absorption of the physical nutrients and life energy in whatever you eat.

3. THE MENUS: Simple, Simpler, Simplest

Planning your Simply Clean Menu

Will you have more success eating the same thing every day or do you need flexibility and variety to stay on track? Only you know what you need to stay consistent.
There are 3 ways to eat Simply Clean - Simple, Simpler and Simplest – choose the best option for your needs:

  • SIMPLE (for the most variety): Mix and match all of the recipes on the 10/10 system or build your own using the Simply Clean Mix-and-Match-a-Meal chart.
  • SIMPLER (for basic guidelines with some variety): Use this meal template with 2 variations for every day:
    Breakfast: smoothie or eggs
    Lunch: soup or salad
    Dinner: seasonal meal
  • SIMPLEST (for no-brainer meal planning): Eat the same template meals every day with endless varieties of seasonal ingredients:
    Breakfast: smoothie
    Lunch: salad
    Dinner:seasonal meal

Look for the Simply Clean badge on the Clean Food Central recipes and menus to get started right now. Add any tags you like to the search to narrow things down. For instance, you might type in Simply Clean, main meal, chicken and gluten-free. Once you have mastered this core eating system, feel free to expand your repertoire with any of the wide variety of other recipes and goal-specific menus available to you to keep you motivated and inspired to continue eating clean for life

We’ve created a Cheat Sheet containing all this information so you can download and print it out for easy reference any time.


Autumn Harvest Smoothie

Looking for ways to get more of the anti-oxidant-loaded seasonal produce into your diet? Try this harvest smoothie for a tasty and digestible raw fruit-and-veggie blast.

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Baked Eggs or Eggs en Cocotte

These eggs look elegant enough to serve for a nice brunch. But they are so easy to make and have endless possible ingredient combos.

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Balsamic Blackstrap Steak Salad

This zippy steak is so quick and easy to make that you can throw it together in about 15 minutes. The rich combo of molasses and balsamic lend it great flavor without a long marinating time.

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Breakfast Mexi-cado

Cooked avocado has a richer, creamier texture than raw that makes for a satisfying easy breakfast or anytime mini-meal.

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Chia Pudding Base

The carb content of chia seed (5 grams per tablespoon) is all fiber: 80% insoluble, but 20% soluble. It’s the soluble fiber that lends the seeds their special magic: When you suspend them in a liquid, they quickly swell and become gelatinous, just like tapioca, but no cooking required

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Chocolate Chai Mug Cake

Another amazing mug cake in the grain-and-dairy-free line with very low total sugars. The chai spices are the key to this cake's delights. It tastes, rich, sweet and satisfying with warm fall spices, but it's totally guilt-free! This is my favorite mug cake.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hummus

This one is similar to the peanut butter version, but has the added bonus of oats and chips for more toothiness and a slightly sweeter treat. Enjoy!

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Chunky Artichoke Hummus

This hearty hummus makes a great snack for dipping or try using it as the centerpiece for a Mediterranean salad meal with lots of chopped Romaine, kalamata olives, chopped tomatoes and sliced red onion with an extra squeeze of lemon over everything.

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Cinna-Pumpkin Chai Fall Smoothie

This delightful, creamy smoothie is lightly warming from the spices despite its chilly temp. The carrots and pumpkin add a rich dose of beta-carotene. This autumnal "milkshake" is so tasty even your kids will eat their vegetables...

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Citrus Chicken ‘N Veg

One Vinaigrette = Marinade + Dressing! Another Simply Clean innovation. One dressing flavors the protein and finishes the meal. Look for several variations on this theme. Ultra-quick, ultra-tasty, ultra-easy meals.

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