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Athletic Fox

Athletic foxThese recipe and menu collections are fully compliant with the nutritional approach to fat loss and building a tight body endorsed by fitness expert Rachel Guy of Athletic Fox. The Athletic Fox approach to healthy nutrition does not require extreme deprivation or removing entire food groups. Rather the focus is on optimizing a regular diet for developing and sculpting lean body mass while maximizing fat loss.

Athletic Fox Top 10 Foundational Habits for Great Nutrition

  1. Drink 2-4 liters of clean, filtered water daily.
  2. Center your meals around lean meats and other quality proteins, rotating choices from meal to meal.
  3. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits daily. Choose a wide variety, preferably in season.
  4. Be strategic about your carbohydrate intake for your personal weight and fitness goals.
  5. Do not cut entire macronutrients out of your diet.
  6. Choose free range, organic animal foods whenever possible, especially meats.
  7. Limit processed food and alcohol to very occasional use. (Remember that low fat usually means high sugar.)
  8. Eat the freshest foods possible and don’t overcook your food into oblivion.
  9. Minimize sugar and chemicals in your diet.
  10. Use sensible portion control to keep caloric intake balanced.

Fox Food Foundation for Training

Base all of your meals on fibrous veggies, a lean meat, fish or eggs and a serving of clean, healthy fat. Add a serving of a starchy carbohydrate at breakfast and after training, and eat two pieces of fruit whenever you like in the day.

Rachel Fox

rachel-guyPhysiotherapist, Fitness Presenter and Health Consultant, Rachel has worked in the fitness industry for the past 12 years. Based in Sydney, she is now regarded as one of Australia’s top female trainers.

Rachel owns ATHLETIC FOX and is passionate about building healthy, sexy and athletic bikini bodies. Athletic Fox, with its common sense approach and practical advice, is committed to being a trusted source for women looking to improve their health and body.

Athletic Fox runs “Fox Camps” in Sydney, has an Online Training Membership Program and many personal training services and ebooks to suit women from all walks of life and many levels of training.

In the media, Rachel contributes to Men’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan, On Duty and Shape magazines and been featured as a fitness model in several T.V. commercials and magazines including Ironman, MuscleMag, The Sydney Morning Herald and Oxygen.

For more information about Athletic Fox, Rachel’s approach to getting your own bikini body, and working with her personally, check out: www.athleticfox.com

Athletic Fox Approved Recipes:

5-Minute Mock “Baked” Apple

When you're in the mood for a quick warm treat but don't have the time to bake, consider this warm and spicy mock baked apple. I'ts very low in sugars and total calories, but high in flavor! We don't  like microwaves and avoid them whenever possible, but once-in-while use in a pinch is not a big deal.

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All-Veg Tabbouleh

This elegant tabbouleh is even faster to make than the traditional version, yet it is completely grain-free. Finely processed raw cauliflower makes an extremely low-calorie base for all the rich, minerally, citrusy flavors of this classic Middle Eastern dish. Add in some of the optional extras to make it a full meal.

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Almond Cherry Chewies

These tangy, tasty, easy, cherry truffles make a great take-along treat for a long hike, climb or bike tour. They last for weeks in the fridge so you can make them well in advance of a special trip. I like the flavor (but not the sugar content or price!) of cherry Larabars, so this is my lower-cal, lower-cost homage to those snack bars...

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Anytime Thanksgiving Turkey and Fresh Cranberry Sauce

When you are in the mood to eat roast Thanksgiving turkey but not to prep said turkey, give this easy, practical and mouth-watering entree a try. Turkey tenderloins are super-lean, tasty and very easy to work with. The brining step requires a little pre-planning, but yields incredibly moist and flavorful meat. The cranberry sauce is a fresh, raw relish that requires no cooking at all. Plus it's a million times tastier and more nutrient-rich than the canned glop. Gobble, gobble...

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Asian Carrot Ginger Dressing

This fresh, oil-free dressing comes very close to the sweet, pungent ginger dressing you find on many green salads in Asian restaurants. Try it over Asian greens like thinly sliced Nappa cabbage or baby bok choy with mung bean sprouts and daikon radish.

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Autumn Harvest Smoothie

Looking for ways to get more of the anti-oxidant-loaded seasonal produce into your diet? Try this harvest smoothie for a tasty and digestible raw fruit-and-veggie blast.

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Autumn Reds Detox Salad

This tasty salad requires some chopping time, but it's well worth it. It's mostly seasonal fruits and veggies, but the avocado, hazelnuts and dulse give it enough staying power to enjoy as a lightly detoxifying meal, great for enjoying after a bit of heavy holiday "celebrating" :)

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Baked Eggs or Eggs en Cocotte

These eggs look elegant enough to serve for a nice brunch. But they are so easy to make and have endless possible ingredient combos.

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Baked Mediterranean Chicken

Mediterranean cuisine, well known for its nutritional benefits, is easily adapted to a quick baked chicken dish. While simple to make, it has a satisfying complexity of flavor. The piquancy of the lemon and olives is mellowed by the creamy feta. This recipe can work in all seasons, even summer, because the oven only needs to be on for twenty minutes.

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Baked Sweet Potato Hummus

This delightful, lightly sweet hummus makes a perfect satisfying, high-fiber fall snack with crunchy crudites or seasonal fruit slices. It is made without oils for lowest-cal, but tastes great with a splash of extra virgin olive, so feel free to drizzle if you're looking for some clean fats. The flavor with black beans is delightful, but the color isn't, so choose your bean base accordingly :)

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