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Recipes With Pre-Cooked Ingredients

Apple-Cornbread Stuffing

Holiday stuffing not only “stuffs” the turkey, it also stuffs your belly. The usual ingredients are the usual suspects—dried white bread (ugh) and, if you used a prepared mix, very high sodium and a very high glycemic impact . Simple fixes make this a far more healthy choice: Higher-fiber cornbread replaces the white stuff (you can even choose the gluten-free option), and the added treats like onion, tart green apples, and almonds or pine nuts add a host of nutrients rarely found in conventional stuffing

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Autumn Harvest Smoothie

Looking for ways to get more of the anti-oxidant-loaded seasonal produce into your diet? Try this harvest smoothie for a tasty and digestible raw fruit-and-veggie blast.

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Baked Sweet Potato Hummus

This delightful, lightly sweet hummus makes a perfect satisfying, high-fiber fall snack with crunchy crudites or seasonal fruit slices. It is made without oils for lowest-cal, but tastes great with a splash of extra virgin olive, so feel free to drizzle if you're looking for some clean fats. The flavor with black beans is delightful, but the color isn't, so choose your bean base accordingly :)

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Creamy Fruited Chicken Salad

This ultra-simple snack is a full mini-meal that packs protein, produce, fiber and fat into one quick and easy dish that really satisfies!

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Hawaiian Pizza Salad

This is a fun salad made with a flavorful raw red sauce that comes together in minutes in the food processor. Ham and pineapple make awesome pizza buddies and add some depth to this otherwise all-veg dish.

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Hot Asian “Noodle” Pot

This is a tasty way to use up those leftover cooked proteins and also get some extra veggies into your diet.

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Loaded Zoodle “Ramen” Bowl

Though ramen "cup 0' soups" are so easy, they are loaded with sodium and some nasty chemicals. They also don't offer much in the way of nutritional value as they're primarily highly refined starch, yuck! Using your spiralizer to create nutrient-rich "zoodles" doesn't add much extra prep time but it will load your soup cup with fresh flavors and fuel-your-life energy!

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Mushroom Gravy

This rich, tasty gravy is the perfect "Smart fat" accompaniment to Dr. Masley's Roast Turkey. Dairy-free and delicious!

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Orange Yam Pie

This rich, fragrant pie is not only dense and satisfying, but also quite high in fiber and protein and completely gluten-free. Most of the sweetness comes from the yams themselves rather than actual sweeteners, so choose your taters wisely. Despite their name, garnet yams are actually a variety of sweet potato rather than a true yam. They are more cylindrical in shape than traditional sweet potatoes, tapering to points on the ends, with smooth, pale orange skins and dark orange flesh. They are so sweet and creamy that they need very little additional sweetness to transform them from a savory dish to a dessert. The orange juice and touch of vanilla stevia in this recipe are perfect complements to the garnet’s natural flavor. Though you can find them year-round, their peak growing season is fall through winter. TIP: If your holiday table is grain-free, this dessert can be served as part of the meal to help your diners hit that key satiety point.

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Portobello Benedict with Sundried Tomato Pesto

I don’t know about you, but I love Sunday brunch. Many classic brunch dishes are way too high in carbs and or calories to qualify as “clean fare”, however. If you love eggs Benedict, but don’t love what starchy English muffins and heavy Hollandaise do to your physique, try this version instead. This Benedict eschews puddles of classic Hollandaise in favor of a touch of fresh, raw pesto.

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