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Require Chilling

Cocoa-nut Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies

These rich haystack-style cookies taste just like the no-bake cookies my mom made for us when we were kids. Unlike those, these have no butter and can even be made with no sugar ~! But your kids will still love them as much as we did!

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Ginger Honey Ice Cream (Non-Dairy)

This lightly sweet and creamy ice cream does not involve any cows :) With 3 kinds of ginger, it's a spice-lover's dream. Because of the nuts and protein powder, it's also pretty high in protein, especially for a dessert treat. Add the optional dark chocolate chips to make it even dreamier.

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Iced Green Tea Limeade

My good friend Dr. Jonny Bowden says “Every time I’m asked by a magazine editor to come up with “ten top tips” for living longer, I put this tip on the list: Drink green tea every day!” It’s loaded with catechins and phenols, which have been found to protect the heart and brain and extend life, not to mention help protect against cancer (a nice little “side effect” of this heart healthy drink). Plus—drum roll, now—it tastes great! Lightly sweetened and bright with that hint of lime, it’s incredibly refreshing on a hot summer afternoon!

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Lighter Chia Pudding

This Simply Clean pudding is briefly chilled to set and then blended for a lighter, creamier consistency than regular, tapioca-like chia pudding. It also offers you a few optional adaptations to add more protein, if you like, including a Greek yogurt swap out for part of the coconut milk. This version is chocolaty - no surprises there - but it's easy to customize to suit your own personal tastes. "Protein, produce, fat and fiber" never tasted so good!

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No-Cook Mocha Cream Pie

This rich, chilled, chocolaty pie with smoky, coffee overtones will make you swoon. And the best part is, it's loaded with protein and no one will ever know! Shhh - the secret ingredient is creamy, silken tofu. The crust couldn't be simpler to make and is not only grain-free but also loaded with unique, hard-to-get phytonutrients from the walnuts. How could something so delicious be so loaded with protein and antioxidants? Your family won't worry about that ~ they'll just ask you for seconds.

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