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Require Brining

Anytime Thanksgiving Turkey and Fresh Cranberry Sauce

When you are in the mood to eat roast Thanksgiving turkey but not to prep said turkey, give this easy, practical and mouth-watering entree a try. Turkey tenderloins are super-lean, tasty and very easy to work with. The brining step requires a little pre-planning, but yields incredibly moist and flavorful meat. The cranberry sauce is a fresh, raw relish that requires no cooking at all. Plus it's a million times tastier and more nutrient-rich than the canned glop. Gobble, gobble...

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Holiday Gravlax (Cured Salmon) and Canapes

Gravlax is a meltingly tender and flavorful salt-and-sugar, cold-cured salmon. The dish has Scandinavian roots and the original technique was developed to preserve the delicate fish without brining or smoking. Though we don’t need to cure for preservation today, the technique is still a popular treatment for raw salmon because of its ease and spectacular results. Gravlax, with its rich, deep, orange coloring, makes an elegant presentation for a holiday appetizer. It’s often served as canapés with a dollop of zippy mustard sauce, but is pretty and tasty enough to eat on its own.

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Holiday Turkey

Following is one of my favorite clean food makeovers: The holiday turkey. I skipped the starchy stuffing, made the (free range, not frozen conventional) turkey “sans gravy”, and filled it with a flavor-rich combination of herbs and citrus that produce a juicy and aromatic bird without all the extraneous starch. Traditionally, this type of a whole-bird preparation calls for at least one stick of butter, but this recipe reduces that and mixes it with olive oil, giving you a nice mix of heart-healthy fat and valuable olive phenols. Happy holidays!

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Roast Turkey

My good friend Jonny Bowden and his colleague Dr. Steven Masley have teamed up to launch an awesome book based on their "Smart Fat" eating system. I collaborated with them to develop a series of holiday meals that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks. This turkey recipe is Dr. Masley's (he worked at the Four Season's!) and incorporates their signature smart fat strategy. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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