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What is Clean Food?

This is the ideal, of course, and won’t always match what’s realistically available to you. It is the optimal food for optimal health, but even choosing some clean foods some of the time can improve your overall well-being and get you going in the right direction.

At Clean Food Central

What you won’t find is:

  • Artificial anything, sugar or grain-flour products
  • Any gluten-containing grains or ingredients.
  • High glycemic load carbohydrates: All the meals and snacks are “slow-carb” and very low in grains and other starches. If you are looking for a completely low-carb / grain-free menu, simply omit the starchy items and replace with extra veg.
  • Lots of dairy: The recipes are also extremely low in dairy and when suggested, usually have an optional substitute.

What you will find is:

  • Recipes using a wide variety of different proteins, produce, beans, nuts, seeds and high quality oils with a balance of cooked and raw food preparations.
  • Plenty of guilt-free sweet treats, some with natural, low-glycemic load sweeteners, and many with no added sweeteners at all.

Timing: The recipes at Clean Food Central are all easy to make and most take little more than 15 minutes to prepare (though some dishes, like slow-cooked or roasts, have longer cooking times). Look for the clock or slow cooker icon with each recipe to give you an instant pantry-to-placemat time estimate.

Meal Style: For ultimate ease and nutritional balance, our meals and snacks are not divided into breakfast lunch or dinner categories. All clean meals need roughly equal amounts of nutrients and calories, so our meals are 99% interchangeable. Even our snacks have a good balance of macronutrients so we just think of them as mini-meals.
Look for the Main or Mini Meal Icons to give you a quick reference guide for building your daily menu. If you aren’t quite ready for a salmon breakfast yet (don’t knock it till you try it!), look for our “Breakfast Favorite” icon to guide you to more familiar choices.

Diet: Though we do not believe in any specific diet or food “system” as the perfect way to eat, you will find a good balance of animal and vegetable foods, with multiple recipes that will work for paleos, low-carbies and vegetarians alike. There are even a bunch of options you rawies will love!

Here at Clean Food Central, our diet philosophy is to eat a wide variety of the highest quality clean whole foods sourced from healthy, happy plants and animals with a macronutrient balance that works for your individual needs. We also believe it’s important to give some consideration to your ethnic roots and your local climate and seasons when choosing your daily fare.

Look for our comprehensive tags or use our advanced search engine to help you find the recipes and tips that are best for your unique needs.

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