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  • Gorgeous seasonal menus to help you put it all together a week at a time, complete with 4-5 entrée recipes with leftovers and ideas for how to repurpose them the next day, a convenient shopping list and mouth-watering photos of the tasty dishes.
  • Beautiful, practical “Cheat Sheets” condensing unique clean cooking tips, techniques and strategies to make your food prep quicker, tastier and more nutrient-dense.
  • Concise descriptions of key clean kitchen equipment and tools complete with photos, price ranges, best brands and sample recipes.
  • Clean Food Central’s Quick-Vid collection with 30-90 second how-to videos demonstrating time-saving techniques, unusual ingredients, etc.
BONUS: When you sign up, you will also receive access to a valuable resource archive on a wide range of topics related to living a “clean” lifestyle. There are reliable sources for hard-to-find ingredients, the best places to shop for clean animal foods, location-finders for local farmers markets, etc. – and even related gems like the best online fitness training by world-renown coaches, key nutritional information sites/articles/experts and “clean” cleaning and skincare products. This incredible add-on is instantly available to all Clean Food Central members.

And remember, Clean Food Central is a constantly evolving resource. Fresh, new materials are added every month to keep you motivated and inspired over time.

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