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Kitchen tools

Here you will find a list of tools and equipment that are very helpful to have in a clean food kitchen. Some are clean kitchen essentials - they are the “workhorses” you will use over and over again, day in and day out. Others are tools that make clean cooking techniques much easier, such as the spiralizer or mandoline for making “noodles” out of pasta. And finally, some, like melon ballers or ice cream makers, fall under the “specialty” category.

Each tool has its own section, complete with a picture, a description of what it does and how best to use it, our favorite maker(s)/brand(s) of the tool, prince range and at least one recipe that highlights the tool’s function best. Many of the tools also feature a quick-vid demo of how to use, clean it, care for it or store it away.

If you’d like some guidance for setting up your home Clean Food Kitchen, look for the clean kitchen “Tool Collections” in the Cheat Sheet section.There you will find suggestions for a set of essential pans or knives or measuring equipment – key tools for faster, easier, healthier cooking – every day

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