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Cheat Sheets

Being a teacher at my core, these cheat sheets are my favorite part of the site! Each one is an individual little gem of a clean cuisine tip, mini-lesson or shortcut. Pop them up instantly to use online or print them out to post on your fridge. You can also get a binder and group the hard copies together in an attractive "clean kitchen manual". They range in topic from “the basics” including things like measurement equivalents and shopping list templates all the way through practical gourmet techniques like cooking seafood in parchment to keep fishy odors out of your kitchen. I recommend choosing one a week to try out and incorporate into your regime. Taking on one at a time will help you transfer these tips and strategies off their pretty pages and into your regular habits.

Got an idea for something new you’d like a "clean cheat" for? Send me a note and suggest it. We’re adding new cheat sheets to Clean Food Central all the time.

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