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Here you will find the seasonal "Clean Cuisine" menu collection. They are broken down into 1-week menus complete with a meal plan, recipes and basic shopping list. These menus are designed with ultimate practicality in mind. Several delicious meal recipes and ideas are offered each week with options for doubling and batch freezing, quick and easy one-pot "Skillet Meals", and plenty of "Cook Once – Eat Twice" options. There is lots of flexibility – customize them to fit your unique needs from week to week.

Use these general guidelines for getting the most out of the menus:

  • All the recipes and menu plans at Clean Food Central follow the precepts of eating clean. (For more details, see "What is Clean Food?")
  • Buy the best quality ingredients you can afford. You can find a list of the most contaminated fruits and veggies, "the dirty dozen" here: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/Try to buy organic versions of at least those 12 produce items. Choose pastured, organic animal foods, including dairy and eggs, for the cleanest, most nutrient-rich options.
  • Evening meal entrees are for about 4 modest portions, but all breakfasts and lunches are single servings. If you don’t have a family of 4, cut the entrée recipe in half or batch and freeze. Likewise, you can double up the am or lunch portions to feed more than just you.

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