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How it Works

All the “How’s” of easier, tastier clean food cooking in one place!

What does it take for a food to be clean?

Your quest ends here….

At Clean Food Central we know that it takes much more than good intentions to eat in a healthy way day in and day out.

After over a decade of working with people trying to improve their eating - including 8 years in a hospital-based program of her own design - the Clean Food Coach™ has created the ultimate toolbox for eating clean in a consistent way.

Key components for long-term success…

Variety →

You can’t keep eating the same boring foods over and over.
Besides creating unwanted food sensitivities, you will eventually get bored and revert to your familiar and usually not-so-healthy foods.

Clean Food Central is loaded with a library of delicious, easy meal and snack recipes with new, seasonal options added every month. It’s like the ultimate, evolving cookbook. No more searching for great meal ideas!

Ease →

Changing something as big as your eating habits has to be done in manageable steps, with concrete direction and support.

At Clean Food Central you will find multiple, seasonal, done-for-you menus, complete with special tips for batching, using leftovers and complete shopping lists.

You will also find a priceless stock of “Cheat Sheets” to print out and keep in your kitchen with most vital, time-saving kitchen tips in today’s busy world to show you instantly how to get the biggest bang for your buck - things like:

  • “The Batch Freezing Technique” you should use once a week to give you a steady store of delicious frozen meals for those nights when you just can’t cook at all
  • “Cook Once Eat Twice” strategies for instantly cutting the number of nights you need to start from scratch in half
  • Shopping List templates by macronutrient to make sure you’re getting your body’s needs met with less fuss
  • The quickest way to make your own nourishing Bone Broth and Vegetable Stock for just pennies
  • many more…

Innovation →

The food world changes every day, and most “static” resources like cookbooks and prescribed diets or eating systems quickly become dated.

Clean Food Central does the investigating, researching and testing for you, constantly bringing you the latest innovations in food preparation, including special dietary tips and tricks for nutrient richness and 1-minute how-to videos for key cooking equipment, techniques or unfamiliar ingredients.

Jump in now to get everything you need to keep you eating clean, delicious meals and snacks that supercharge your health and energy every day.

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